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Globalization and People's Movements from Bangladesh to Colombia

A discussion with 

Aviva Chomsky, Anu Muhammad, Ed Childs  

Saturday January 11, 2014 3 PM

MIT Room 4-237
77 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA

Free and Open to the Public

In the global South workers and peasants fight starvation wages and plunder of natural resources; in the North austerity for workers and bailout for capitalists have become a dominant phenomenon. As most nation states continue to collude with global capital, people's movements grow for a just and sustainable world.  The speakers will review recent examples in Bangladesh, Colombia and the US and the prospects for real democracy and global solidarity.


Aviva Chomsky is a historian, author and activist. She teaches at Salem State University in Massachusetts and her activism and academic work include the development of the global working class, immigration in US and mining in Colombia.


Anu Muhammad is an activist and professor of economics at Jahangirnagar University in Bangladesh. His research work and activism includes globalization and energy, specifically mining and garment workers issues in Bangladesh.

Ed Childs is an activist and leader in UNITE HERE! and
International Action Center, a cook at Harvard and participant of Occupy Boston.  UNITE HERE represents workers throughout the U.S. and Canada who work in the hotel, food service, manufacturing, textile, laundry, and airport industries.


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