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Press Release of June 15 2013 Fanueil Hall GAP Rally



Rally and Picket

June 15 12:00 Noon

Fanueil Hall GAP Store



Join us in solidarity with the workers who are struggling for decent conditions and a union rights!

Join us Saturday June 15 at 12 noon as we picket the Gap at Faneuil Hall to stand in solidarity with garment workers in Bangladesh fighting for improved conditions and demand the Gap sign the independent fire and safety agreement and support workers rights.


We will gather at the statue in front of Faneuil Hall at 12:00 and then march on the gap to demand


  •           Safe and secure workplaces for all—to be verified by the representatives of the workers’ themselves.  We call for the GAP and other retailers to sign on to the independent “Fire and Safety Agreement” (not their sham substitute agreement with Wal-Mart) as a step towards creating a means for inspecting factory facilities and a structure of accountability for corporations doing business in Bangladesh.

  •             An end to employer practices of chaining factory doors, locking workers inside.  Many workers have died in recent factory fires, not only because the factory conditions themselves have been fire-prone, but because after fires have broken out, they could not escape.   Human lives should be put ahead of employer desires for total control.

  •             Adequate, immediate, dignified compensation for factory disaster victims and their families.  Reparations should be paid to the workers of Rana and Tazreen by those corporations that have profited from production in Dhaka factories.

  •            Full respect for workers’ rights to association, organization, and public assembly.  Protesting or striking workers should not be subjected to violent attacks by hired goons or police.  Forming unions is a human right!

  •             A livable global minimum wage for all garment workers.   The capitalist industries that are exploiting these workers are a globalized power, seeking to pit one people against another, across national lines.  Our resistance to exploitation must be as international as capital is.

  •             Full disclosure from GAP management of the specific factories where its garments are being made (with this information to be updated on an ongoing basis).  Only by confirming the location of GAP production can customers become informed about the working conditions that go into producing the clothes that appear on GAP shelves. , on Facebook,  email at workersNov25 at