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National Garments Workers Federation

National Garments Workers Federation is a countrywide registered Independent, Democratic and Progressive Trade Union Federation of garment workers in Bangladesh. The federation was established on 1984. There are 28 registered trade unions (plant unions) affiliated with the NGWF. Beside these, the federation has 1016 factory committees. From 1984, the federation is involved in all the important movements including several countrywide strikes in the garment sector. Total membership of the federation is: 20.000 paying member: 5.100 and Non paying: 14.900.

Central Office of the federation is at 27/11/1 Topkhana road, Dhaka-1000. There are 3 others branch offices of the federation in Chitagong, Savar and Tongi.

The federation is run by its written constitution and participations of its members in a democratic way.

Aims and Objectives

  1. Ensure fair wages.
  2. Establish the Workers Rights and Human Rights.
  3. Ensure the equal wages and equal rights for the women workers.
  4. Improve the working condition and environment in working places.
  5. Struggle for a democratic, developped and progressive society.

Main Activities

  1. Unite the garment workers.
  2. Formation of plant level unions.
  3. Initiate and Conduct the countrywide movements for the betterment of garment workers.
  4. Support, cooperate and conduct the factory base movements.
  5. Awareness building among the garment workers.
  6. Training and education for the garment workers.
  7. Special training and education for the woman workers.
  8. Legal aid for the members and garment workers.
  9. Publicize the workers and other materials for the garment workers in local and easy language.
  10. Cooperate to get new jobs for the unemployed and dismissed workers.
  11. Awareness building for health and environment and to provide health facilities.
  12. Organize meetings, processions, demonstrations, seminars and symposiums for the garment workers.
  13. Support and participate in the movements of other sectors, democratic movements and women freedom movements.
  14. Express and show solidarity with international trade union movements, democratic movements and women movements.