Bangladesh Workers Solidarity Network

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Who are we?

In response to the increasing toll on the lives of garment workers in Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Workers Solidarity was formed in May 2013.

We are made up of concerned individuals and groups in the Boston area. We seek to spread awareness about the conditions faced by workers, primarily the nearly four million garment workers in Bangladesh.  We do this in the realization that

  • Demands made by the workers themselves is our guiding principle

  • Collective bargaining rights such as unions are essential to ensuring safety of workers

  • The race to bottom imposed upon workers in Bangladesh can only be resisted in solidarity with workers worldwide.

In coalition with other progressive groups in the Boston Area, the coalition offers an open platform to all for participation in creative solutions to the challenges facing our people. We meet every week to debate, organize and plan. Please contact us at for more information


  • Keep the struggle in Bangladesh, the memory of Rana and Tazreen, and the state of work conditions in the garment factories in the popular consciousness and in the media.

  • Educate ourselves and our networks, about the conditions, the production processes, the alignment of power centers facing Bangladeshi workers, and garment workers more generally.

  • Identify and act on pressure points in Bangladesh and among the buyers in the West, and win concrete gains or reforms that will materially benefit the workers' lives. 

  • Create and strengthen links to existing activist groups who work on related issues, as well as to unions and worker-community organizations who share common concerns and interests, both in Bangladesh and here in the US.