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1994 - $15/month (BDT 950)       - First minimum wage determination

2006 - $24/month (BDT 1662.50) - Second minimum wage determination, after a gap of 12 years

2010 - $43/month (BDT 3,371)    - Workers demand was for $72/month (BDT 5,000)

The 2010 figures compare with the minimum wage of  $116 in Pakistan, and $92 in Sri Lanka.

September 2013 saw another wave of strikes with the demand for a minimum wage of $100.  As many as 200,000 came out on the streets, and the police and state militia fired tear gas and rubber bullets on the workers.  The outcome is not determined as of this writing.

The $100/month/worker demand is  the minimum cost of food for a 2300 calories diet/person.  It is about half the living wage (at least $200).

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Workers Rally in Dhaka, Bangladesh September 21, 2013 ( AFP Photo/ Mujnir Uz Zaman)